Another achievement of Arax Poultry Farm

  • On May 21-23 Arax Poultry farm won a gold medal while presenting Fresh Broiler Chicken products at the International exhibition “Chicken King/ VIV Russia” in Russia. Many international companies in the field of agriculture took part in the exhibition.

    This achievement indicates one more time that Arax Poultry farm produces and delivers only high-quality products and coincidences with the international standards.

    "We are all here because we can make this world more delicious. I thank all the participants of the exhibition. In fact, this award speaks about the fact that in our company we are able to work as a team, and that's the most important thing for us." – says Arax Poultry farm Marketing Manager Arsen Khachatryan.

    Arax is participating in this annual exhibition for the third time.

    The main idea of the exhibition is the quality and safety from meat production to consumption.

    We are glad that Armenia was awarded a top honor title during this famous exhibition, upholding domestic manufacturer name not only in Armenia, but also beyond its borders.