X Group which has huge importance on the economy of Armenia celebrated its 20th anniversary with its workers, colleagues, public and spiritual figures. They were all invited under one roof which by the way is one of the biggest projects of the company. Prime Hall is one of the biggest event halls in Yerevan.

    Vazgen Archbishop Mirzakhanyan opened the event by praying and valued the activity of the company and its owner Khachik Khachatryan’s work, expansion in the homeland and return from the foreign countries.

    “I saw what Aleksandr Mantashyants, Aramyants and others left. But those things were left in other places.

    It’s valuable only the activity which was done in Armenia. Let God bless all the businessmen, all those people who think about developing and making strong our country.

    X Group does its activity in Armenia, Russia and Georgia. The fields of the company were different this year: like hotel services, poultry farms, construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, franchising. During the evening event whose who were present remembered the years of the operation of the company and discussed the upcoming activities.

    “Our goal has always been the same, so that we made and created for our future, for our young generation. X Group has done, is doing and will continue to do its mission. But we are not pleased only with that. We have already arranged our plan of ten years. We have done our activity for 20 years and we are going to continue to create and to develop”.

    Under the part of X Group company are included the biggest poultry farm in the area, the biggest water attraction, the largest furniture chain in Armenia and the oldest children’s shopping center in Russia. It stands out Prime Event Hall, Valensia banquet hall, Aquatek entertainment center, Water world, Klaik furniture chain, Villashin construction company and Araks poultry farm. During the event X Group made a surprise for those who were working for a long time. They got flats, some of them got cars and the others got tickets for travelling.