Panda –City is a Trade Center for children. It has three-story building, that are  located on 11 Andropov Avenue in Moscow. The mall offers free transportation from ‘Kolomenski’ tube station for all its customers.

The shopping center occupies 7,000 sq. m. area and is equipped with modern communication facilities that make the center safer.

The center offers a wide range of products for children: from cheap household goods, food, clothing, shoes, toys, beds, bicycles and various accessories to products from well-known international brands, such as Avent, Huggies, Heinz, Pampers, Lego, Stillini, Senbodulun, Kerry, Taylor, Doctor Junior, Harput, Bodi Junior, Herdal, etc.

Every week the Center organizes free master classes in various fields of culture.

Panda -City Children's Trade Center is also actively involved in charity. We regularly help the orphanages, boarding schools and many-many families that unfortunately are in need.