X-Group initiative

The employees of Arax Poultry farm have visited a number of orphanages, retirement homes and families who were living under the patron of St. Grigor the Illuminator Church on the eve of Easter Holiday and presented them the symbol of this holiday – gift-eggs, making this holiday a special one.

The first place to visit was the boarding school in Norq district. The Easter Holiday plays a special role here. Eye striking active atmosphere was notable as well: many people were looking out of the windows and asking questions.

We left taking with us numerous blessings. Our next stop was at Mankan tun of Yerevan, located right in the neighborhood. The little representatives of the orphanage up to 6-year old children told were telling us how impatiently they had been waiting for this special Holiday.

Afterwards, we have visited the orphanage after Mary Izmilyan. The children wholeheartedly met their guests – the representatives of Arax Poultry farm and the journalists. They were playing joyfully with the colorful eggs and even trying to involve us us in their game.