Yerevan Poultry Factory OJSC is one of the leaders in producing and selling eggs in Armenia. Being established in 1951, it is the biggest both in Armenia and Transcaucasia region overall.

 In 1999 the factory was privatized and became the part of X-Group Union of Legal Entities. Since then the revival of the factory started: production facilities and conveyors were reequipped, resulted in upgrade and progressing in production processes. Technological capacity was constantly strengthened, own purification; compressor facilities, bio-waste recovery plant and laboratory were built. All these assisted in the creation of up-to-date effective production processes and the company became a leader in producing and selling of eggs in domestic market.

 An extensive experience was gained with years in growing layers and production of high quality nutritious eggs.

 At this point the Factory is equipped with its own food production; The Factory also collaborates with internationally recognized fodder producing companies. The Factory continues to expand the range of products, due to increasing demand. The consumption network of Yerevan Poultry Factory includes not only Armenia, but also Georgian market.

The main goal of the Factory is to improve continuously the quality and cost-effectiveness in poultry production by providing the best poultry at the best overall value to our customers through the quality of our people, processes, and technological innovations.