Arax Poultry was the largest Poultry farm in Soviet Armenia created in 1997 on the basis of Djrarat farm. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Djrarat Poultry Farm restarted its operations in 2001, and was included in X-Group.

A great commitment and professional management was required to restore the production volume, as well as research has been conducted to develop new flock of Cobb-cultivation in new Armenia. Due to huge investments, a total of 1,600 tons of chicken meat and meat products were sold in 2002.

Today the production capacity of the poultry farm enables to implement the whole process; from incubation of layers’ one-day chickens to slaughtering and selling the broiler chickens, and of course; egg production.

Nowadays, the poultry farm manufactures and sells about 35-40% of the poultry industry in Armenia. It became possible to achieve these results in such a short period of time due to effective and professional work in production, human resources management, marketing, as well as healthy fodder, sophisticated equipments. In 2003 Arax won Grand Prix and honorary title of “Chicken King” while representing broiler chickens and semi-finished products at the Second International Aviculture and poultry processing Expo in Moscow.

Arax Poultry farm in addition to chicken meat also produces chicken eggs and is a IEC /International Egg Commission/ member.

Arax Poultry farm cooperates with many local and international organizations when buying food raw materials, food additives and other equipment.

Arax Poultry farm consumes its products throughout the whole territory of Armenia; in addition, a research in Georgia was conducted to export Arax products to the neighboring country as well.

Arax Poultry farm motto is “Healthy food – healthy future”.