KLAIK FURNITURE CHAIN STORE KLAIK Trade Center offers a wide range of luxury and high quality furniture and accessories from leading European brands.  more

COMPLEX TASIC TAS In Tasic Tas Complex you have an opportunity to enjoy various amusements, such as shooting club, hippodrome, as well as hunting without leaving the city. more

AQUATEK CENTER Aquatek is a sports, health and entertainment center. Today in Yerevan Aquatek is the only under roof water park with fitness club, SPA center and a hotel, where you can visit all year round.  more

KLAIK Klaik is a chain of furniture salons, which offers furniture and interior accessories. It successfully exists in the market for more than 10 years, continuously expanding its assortment without pausing on the achieved.  more

WATERWORLD Waterworld is the largest water park in the region, which is a 510 c. m. water area, with several big and small pools, water slides, splash pads and fountains. Waterworld is the best place in Yerevan, where you can chill from summer heat. more

VILLASHIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Vilashin Construction Company was founded in 1998 and stands as a part of X-Group. Since then, the company designed and built more than 45 residential buildings and business centers. more

ARAX POULTRY Arax Poultry Farm was founded in 1997 on the basis of Djrarat Poultry Farm. Today Arax produces and realizes about 35-40% of the market in Armenia. more


We present a wide range of best quality classic and modern furniture and accessories in Armenia.
We are market leaders in production of chicken meat and eggs.
Our mission is a sensible combination of active family rest, comfort and fun.
We ideally combine comfort and elegancy.
We meet our customers’ needs in a shortest possible time with reasonable prices.